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Austin’s Workout Blog

Hello! My name is Austin – I’m tall, naturally thin, and NOT naturally athletic. Despite this, I’ve put on a tremendous amount of muscle over my adult life and have seen enormous gains in strength. Guess what? You can do it too!

Need proof? I’m far too modest to post something like a flex selfie, but here’s a photo of me recently…

…vs 11 years ago:

I was 20 years old when the below photo was taken – and it’s hard to believe I was ever that devoid of muscle mass in my adult life. I was not a gym-goer at the time and rarely exercised on my own.

I first began seriously working out in 2011 – but didn’t start to see the kind of results I really wanted until only a few years ago. Here’s the kicker – it didn’t have to take that long! I could have made gains similar to the top photo likely within two to three years had I been doing things the right way. I was too much of a dumb-dumb to seek out solid advice and ended up wasting a lot of time on my own trial-and-error.

Don’t flounder in the workout wilderness! Now that I have a solid grasp on what the average man needs to do to build strength and muscle, I’m happy to share exactly what I’ve done to get here.

DISCLAIMER! I am not a personal trainer, nor am I a physician – so do not take anything I say as fitness gospel. I’m here ONLY to share what has worked for me, and you can take my guidance for what it may be worth. This is why, for example, I’m not making money off of this website by trying to sell advice – I am an amateur sharing advice from my own amateur experience. If your personal trainer or physician tells you something contradictory to what I say here, take their advice – not mine.

Let’s kick things off by reviewing my Top 11 Rules for Successful Weightlifting!