My Current Numbers

What follows are my current numbers. These aren’t necessarily maxes; because I usually weightlift alone, I don’t have the luxury of a spotter – so I think I could get higher on some with a spotter, but I won’t fudge the numbers. As I hit new highs, I’ll update what you see below.

When I weightlift, I usually pick two exercises from the below groups for whatever muscles I plan to exercise that day: two chest workouts, two leg workouts, etc. If I feel REALLY good, I’ll push for three.

UPDATED 5/18/2021


Smith Machine Bench Press: 245lbs

Smith Machine Incline Press: 155lbs

Dumbbell Chest Flies: 45lbs per hand

Cable Chest Fly: 70lbs

Plate Raise & Twist: 45lbs


Dumbbell Curl: 65lbs per arm

Barbell Curl: 90lbs

Dumbell Bent-over Tricep Extension: 45lbs per arm

Single-arm Dumbell Overhead Tricep Extension: 45lbs per arm

Dumbell Forearm Curl: 40lbs per arm

Dumbbell Forearms Twists: 40lbs per arm

Cable Tricep Pushdown with Rope: 130lbs


Dumbbell Arnold Press: 55lbs per arm

Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 55lbs per arm

Barbell Standing Shoulder Press: 125lbs

Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Fly: 45lbs

Barbell Shrug: 185lbs


Barbell Deadlift: 255lbs

Standing Barbell Military Press: 110lbs

Pullups: 10 at current body weight of 205lbs

Standing Cable Row: 130lbs


Smith Machine Squats: 245lbs

Seated Leg Press: 320lbs

Dumbbell Lunges: 50lbs in each arm

Seated Plate Calf Raises: 180lbs

Seated Leg Curl Machine: 265lbs


I’ve recently gotten back into running. My best running performance overall has been 6 miles in 45 minutes, which is roughly a 7.3mph pace. I regularly run between 3 to 6 miles per day at this point.

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